I take photos as a hobby. I've created a number of ebook collections of my photos. They're available for sale on Amazon. I've included links below. - C. A. Broadribb.

My Photo Collections

Click on one of the links to open up the Amazon ebook page in another window. You can read about or purchase the ebook there. Sometimes I set temporary free promotions for some ebooks.

Photos I've had published

  • Photo of Empty shopping mall in ZineWest 2021
  • Photos of St John's Cathedral, Parramatta River, Fruit bats in Parramatta Park and My hair in Writing Parramatta
  • Photo of Snowy on cat tree in NWG Anthology 2020
  • Photo of Bee on rose in NWG Anthology 2020
  • Photo of Virus warning poster in NWG Anthology 2020
  • Photo of Steps at La Perouse in ZineWest 2020
  • Photos of QVB Windows, Frangipani and Bee on Marigold in NWG Anthology 2019
  • Photo of Dragon Fruit Flower in ZineWest 2019
  • Photos of Japanese building by a lake and Bridge over a lake displayed at Peacock Gallery for 2019 Cumberland Art and Photography Awards
  • Photo of Carriageworks in NWG Anthology 2018
  • Photo of Peace Moon Between sculpture in ZineWest 2018
  • Photo of Seagull on lamp on the back cover of ZineWest 2017
  • Photo of 'Ghost' on the front cover of NWG Anthology 2015
  • Photo of Flying Foxes in ZineWest 2015
  • Photo of Sunset in York on the back cover of NWG Anthology 2014
  • Photo of Rat in ZineWest 2013
  • Photo of Duck River in Parramatta Advertiser 7/3/2012
  • Photo of Horse at Mardi Gras dog show on Village Voice website 19/2/2007
  • Photo of Maureen Tolfree and members of a legal team in North Side Courier 14/2/2007
  • Photo of John Dale in Newswrite Oct 2006
  • Photos of Zebra and African Cultural Village site in Australian Senior Sep 2006
  • Photo of Rachel Ellis in Inner Western Courier 21/3/2006
  • Photos of Gabrielle Lord, Bunty Avieson, Emma Darcy and Peter Corris in Stiletto #26, 2004
  • Photos of Belinda Alexandra, Ian Irvine, Jane Goodall and Ann Charlton and Tara Moss, Gabrielle Lord and Peter Corris in Newswrite Sep 2004
  • Photo of Hilary Bonney in Newswrite Aug 2004
  • Photo of Garth Nix in Newswrite Jul 2004
  • Photos of Colleen McCulloch, Belinda Green and the Norfolk Island Writers' Festival audience in Newswrite Oct 2003